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Short cycling these smaller units doesn't really hurt your energy efficiency. They don't take long at all to ramp up, and the jolt to get started doesn't consume a considerable amount of power. However, the unit I had ran both fans the moment the compressor started. In either mode, if the condenser side fan was delayed a few seconds, the unit would ramp up faster and consume a little less energy.

Unless the unit is overrated for the space, most heat pump systems don't deal with temperature setback very well. Completely opposite of gas heaters and furnaces. Then again, it's actually difficult to find a permanent gas furnace rated less than 50kbtu. I replaced my "right sized" gas furnace in the trailer (14x70 champion steel box) with one from a double wide because it cost so much to run in frigid weather. The overrated furnace paid for itself the first winter.
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