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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post
Nylog Blue also works on R22 and R12.
Good to know , Thank you . :-)

I did not know if it would contaminate the mineral oil ?

I have read that Nylog is polymerized refrigeration oil ? In the case of Blue , I guessed it was POE ester oil ?

Before I start up my central A/C condenser , next spring / summer , I need to swap out the Schrader valves . ( I have the tool to do this w/o discharging the R22 . )

The system has a very slow leak , that I have not found anywhere else in the system & Schrader valves are a likely suspect ?

I had planed to coat the new Schrader valves with mineral oil , but from what you have told me , Nylog Blue would be OK , too ?

God bless
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