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Well if you don't have a Ecobee, I suggest you get one... or get whatever wifi thermostat you prefer.

I have set up a schedule that coincides with my utility companies '3 CARD MONTY" type of rates. Don't believe me... check out this page, it will make your mind boggle.

Aps Plans

My biggest complaint is that it does not allow me to make the AC go on at specific times. I can set temp requirements for an Hour time block, but not say, run for 10 minutes starting at 4 pm. My power rates go up at 3 pm so I cool to 75 from 2pm to 3pm and then at 3pm, I set it for 82 degrees.

What I have found is it give you a lot of data in a CSV file. I have discovered that the hours between 3 and 8pm my ac is on for an average of 55 minutes each day. I would like it to shut off at 3 and then run for 11 minutes each hour. I usually stays off until after 6. I am losing about 1 degree per half hour. I think the temp would be better maintained if I could control it with a timer. I am going to look into something with IFTT. All in all, I like the control the Ecobee is giving me.

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