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Here's my bi-yearly update.

I've planted/harvested the following:
Corn: 2 ears (40 plants total)
Tomatoes: 0 (nothing growing yet - 3 plants)
Green Peppers: 0 (few small ones growing - 6 plants)
Broccoli: 0 (~12 plants)
Cauliflower: 0 (~12 plants)
Looseleaf Lettuce: Plenty
Romaine Lettuce: Plenty
Iceburg Lettuce: Plenty
Celery: 0 (only two plants)
Carrots: 0 (only two plants survived)
Cucumbers: 53 (i planted too many... i've made cucumber wine and pickles so far, and have given away dozens)
Watermelon: 0 (two growing, both size of softballs, but I think one has stopped)
Hops (Cascade, Chinook, Nugget, Magnum - for my beer brewing hobby, harvest in Sept)

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