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Let's see if I can contribute something without the politics.

I can't speak for SVAYA as I've not heard of them. But I have been fortunate to work with, for, and alongside companies in eastern and western europe, scandinavia, middle east, south america, and a few asian countries. As a grad student I even got to work with a visiting scientist from the (then) soviet union.

I won't go into which are the worst except to say american companies rank near the bottom in terms of business ethics. I made my best money as a consultant to a swedish concern by protecting them from their american partner in a bad joint venture.

Europeans are, in general, good folks to work with. As in america, however, the smaller companies tend to operate under the radar and don't necessarily play by the rules. Do your homework before you go. Have an exit strategy. I once left a good job for a better job across the state only to have the new employer renege on the salary agreement. I never again accepted a job (even when unemployed) without a written contract.

Sorry about beginning proper pronouns in lower case - I've been doing a lot of C programming lately.
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