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Can you tell me what, "I'm at $85 per panel" means exactly? Part of me thinks you mean it's the amount left that your array has yet to pay back, based on your tax credit and the amount of money you haven't sent to your local utility, etc. If so, it compares phenomonally better that I am doing.

At the average cost of my 175w panels {purchased 4 in 2007 @ $898/ea and 2 in 2008 @ $498/ea} and the average cost of my 240w panels {24 @ $337.00/ea in 2012}, plus the cost of everything else, minus the tax credits & savings on the power bill plus the actual payments received from excess generation.... I'm 51.486% paid back since going active 12/17/12. I'm expecting a total payback time of 10.5 years +/-.

{I do bookkeeping work for a living, so I have a spreadsheet I update 5 days a week with the generated amount in a formula to tell me where I'm at. I was really pumped up when I cleared 50% a short while back!}
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