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Originally Posted by Redmohawk View Post
Most plastic and rubber setups run above 550 deg c , the hotter the temp the more long chains are broken down into shorter chains. Non condensable Gas volumes produced increase and condensable gasses decrease . From car tyre rubber everything from Butane to heavy diesel fuel oil is produced.

Those interested in the processes should google tyre/plastic pyrolysis .
Anyone who can distill alcohol can perform this process. Heat up the plastic in a closed container, catch the vapors in a water bubbler. Presto, diesel fuel is rendered! The rendered product can be further refined into kerosene or jet fuel.

Read this article:
Whole Systems Foundation - Recycling and Pyrolysis of Plastic

If you didn't know already, plastic pollution is a growing global problem. We are using one of the most durable substances ever invented as a disposable, single-use wrapper. Waste plastic has been finding its way into the food chain, and it has been found to act as a sponge for nasty, persistent organic chemicals. The American government has taken notice by banning the use of ground plastic as an abrasive in health and beauty products. This was one of the very few bills in recent times that did not garner opposition from anyone in Congress.

The process is actually being used by concerned industrialists. Typical yield is 3 to 5 barrels of oil per ton of waste plastic. In countries like Japan and China, this process is being employed on a large scale to both reduce waste streams and provide diesel fuel. It is a much more environmentally responsible process than the conventional open burning of waste. In America, cash is king, and this process isn't highly lucrative. As expected, we are selling our plastic waste to Japan and China. For a lot less than barrels of oil.
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