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Some quick buying tips:

-If the product costs $10 each at a chain store, don't expect to find the same thing on ebay new for much less. those $3 knock-offs ain't the same.

-If the bulb looks like a pineapple or a corncob, don't buy it.

-If the specs say 100 year lifetime, don't buy it.

-If the specs have no UL listing, don't buy it.

The vultures are circling on ebay and amazon and the like due to the hype and high profit margins of their "me too" products. If you got snookered into the trap, don't blame the entire industry. Just buy something you can return locally next time.

The inverter-driven fluorescents were the same way with RFI / EMI when they first came out. The state of the art is advancing quickly in the LED lighting realm today, so I imagine in a few years these problems will pretty much disappear.

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