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Originally Posted by Incidental Damage View Post
In the past year I've bought several LEDs - 2 x 7W dimmable PAR 30s, 2 X 5W and 1 x 7W from Chinese suppliers on ebay. Of those, the failure rate is now ~75%. Never again.
I have others I bought from more reputable sources and with proper warranties - they're still going fine, so far; although they were three to four times the cost, if they actually last the expected/claimed lifetime, the cost will be trivial.
A couple of things with LEDs and parts in general. If you get a genuine Omron LED, for example, you can expect it to last. Right now there is a major influx of counterfeit parts and many of the manufacturers and suppliers are warning of the problem. Compound this with other counterfeit circuit parts, poor designs and inadequate cooling and you have a good chance of early failure rates.

So, bottom line, buy from a reputable seller, you'll pay more but get a 'real' light.

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