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I've been thinking about this lately too. I thought I read on a blog somewhere that such a thing exists. All I would like is something attached to the cold water in line that wouldn't necessarily get it incredibly hot, but at least luke warm for washing hands and such. It's such a waste to use the hot water to wash your hands because it's a task that takes less time than it takes to get the actual hot water to the faucet. Thus, that hot water is now going to heat my basement, which I don't heat otherwise. And I'm wasting gas to heat up the replaced water in the tank.

The problem is that the cold water coming in to the house is so darn cold during the winter, its almost painful to wash hands with it. Thus, leading to wasted hot water that isn't even hot!

I definitely feel your pain, and would love something through which your cold water always flows, but turns on a heating element when the foot pedal is pressed with the cold water on.

Under sink hot water heaters do exist, but from what I can tell, they're designed to heat up whatever water goes through them and don't give you the option of heating the cold water.

Here's one from ace hardware:
Ace - Ace Tree: Plumbing: Faucets: Hot Water Dispensers: In-Sink-Erator Hot Water Dispenser (Hot-1)
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