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Arranging the 55Gallon Drums.

I am a bit torn between two approaches .. But usually leaning toward Option2.

Option #1> Space Condensed.
Think/image one big block , with everything all together. Or in principle if it were just one large storage tank.

#1> Less total gallons of room space consumed for the same gallons of storage space.

#2> Reduces the cost of components .. less material for plumbing when there are all close to each other .. less insulation and frame materials.

#3> Because it would also have less surface area, that means it will also retain it's internal temperature better.

#4> A little easier to 'sell' the idea of it being an 'appliance' .. If that option is needed/desired.

#1> More difficult to accesses the 'buried' interior pieces should any service/maintenance ever be needed.

#2> Space is less available for 'multi-use'.
If I go 2 vertical drums high or 3 horizontal high , either way , that's floor the ceiling, no other use for that space.

#3> Not as easily modular .. should one ever want to expand or reduce the size of the system.

- - - - - - - - -

Option #2> Distributed / Modular / Multi-Use approach.

Kind of like John's design .. Although his website is down , I'll attach a pic I previous saved of the concept.

#1> More easily modular .. expand or reduce system size as desired.

#2> Service & Maintenance access .. each drum unit is more accessible should any service or maintenance be needed.

This also allows for more easily bypassed bad modules .. should there ever be some type of service or repair issue with one of the modules , a bypass around that one faulty module is more easy to do .. not only helps with repair or servicing the issue module itself .. but also helps reduce the down time of the whole system while that issue is being serviced.

#3> More Multi-Use Space .. Although the gallons/cubic feet / etc of volume of the system is still occupied .. the top of the drums (especially vertical 1drum tall) is still usable as a counter / bench space above it.

#1> More surface area , means more heat loss for the same insulation and same dT.

#2> More materials for more surface area , means more total system cost.

#3> More total volume from the room will be consumed for the same volume of thermal storage.
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