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Today it is sunny and a good day to be outside. I added a small solar electric pump and a small solar panel to power it. The pump delivered the water from the 30 gallon (10 gallons at first) water tank to the top of the collectors after about 30 seconds or there abouts.

The temperature of the water before it entered the tank was in the 220*F range then dropped to about 130*F. I let it go for about 10 minutes. Satisfied that it was going to work, I filled the tank the rest of the way and pumped from the middle section of the tank to the house.

The 1" copper insulated pipe going to the house is just laying down on top of the ground to test the system. It goes into the garage and is in a loop with a pressure and temperature gauge to see the line losses (for the time being).

The pipe is covered with a fiberglass industrial insulation wrap, but ended up getting wet in spots. I am sure since the insulation is wet it is not allowing the heat to stay in the pipe. Maybe after a few hours at 100* it will dry out? Time will tell.

After filling the tank, and turning on the pump to the loop to the house it showed 80*F inside the garage loop. The temperature coming into the top of the tank from the collectors dropped down to about 120*F.

After about 30 minutes, I went back out and see that it is up to over 130*F. and in the garage loop it is now 95*F and climbing. Maybe it will dry out and insulate sooner than later?

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