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Yes the Multiplaz is a great general purpose welder, as it can perform the same functions as a gas set, a tig welder and a plasma cutter, albeit at a somewhat high cost. Its fantastic for brazing especially copper as its 8000c flame can input a lot of heat very quickly.

I tried a large PVC pipe with a stainless poly pad teased out as a filter, bit messy to clean. Think the large bottle like brush that is used in spouting gutters to filter out leaves would work better, easier to clean and would be good at trapping hair.

This style of heat pipe doesn't have an internal wick to return the condensed fluid so must be vertically mounted for draining. However with a bit of lateral thinking its possible to make a horizontal heat pipe with the condensing part created by running small tubes carrying the cold water through the middle of the heat pipe. This ensures a true double barrier between the outer Grey water and the inner potable water.

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