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I looked up the Multiplaz 3500 and WOW! That's an amazing device.. Added to my wish list!

Anyways, you make it sound much simpler to use water. I'm pretty sure I can get close
to 50 microns with my pump, and I do have a good digital gauge.
Just need to pick up some silver solder for my old propane-MAP gas torch.
(No Multiplaz 3500 in sight yet).

We have chlorine gas infused? into the water here, so thanks for the boiling tip..

I've been thinking about using large PVC couplings (below the tub drain) with an SS mesh screen filter inside..
Something that could be located so it will be easy for my wife to reach, un-screw and clean.

Now I need to figure out a usable plumbing configuration for using a heat pipe to transfer heat from the drain line, into the incoming cold water..
I wonder if one of those Ebay SS flat-plate exchangers would hold 50 microns? Without leaking or collapsing.

Mike, you seem to be on the leading edge of DIY heat pipe fabrication..
We are learning a lot from you. Need more pics and maybe videos!

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