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There are not enough information about your question , and there are many miss information out there because r290 is flammable and industry doesn't like to use it in cars . And also it is not legal in many places to use R290 or R600a in cars . Also it is illegal for neutral person in many places to buy r134a gas . And that attract them to use Potentially explosive gases . So if you want to experiment Try on your own risk .
To do such conversation the best mixture would be 10% r600a and 90% r290a or , 10% r600a 40% r290 and 40% r134a . Of course first mixture has better performance . Second mixture reduce The flammability.
As a compatibility , There is 2 issues ,first is compressor oil , which needs to be thickened , for example pag oil 46 should be replaced by pag 100 . To provide correct lubrication ( on this on There is good research , you may find it ) . The second is refill volume , which should be 40% of r134a . For example if your system requires 500 gram of r134a refrigerant , you shouldn't fill it more than 200 gram of r290 .
The procedure of refilling should include complete vacuum of system , hoses and gauges . Since it is legal to release R290 or r600a into atmosphere in many countries , prefilling of system with r600a and vacuum it and then complete refilling with mixture of R600a and r290 to ensure zero presence of Oxygen in the system .
All and all r290a is explosive and is used in many house appliances like fridges and indor air conditioners , with possibility of leaking in closed spaces and creat big enough devastating explosions. But we do not hear such stories everyday . Maybe when car industry move toward r290a , law would move toward legalisation too .
As a comparison r290 is superior compaire to R134a performance , reducing electricity or fuel consumption , compatible with all oils , ozon friendly (actually one of the lowest ozone depletion potential refrigerants) . But again , explosive property of it makes it more deficult to use and service . Specialty in cars which condenser is located where the most of the car crash damage and potential fuel burn is .

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