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Originally Posted by MEMPHIS91 View Post
We are looking at electric oven with warming oven above it. these will be mounted into the cabinets. My idea is to place prelite/rockwool insulation in the air space sounding the oven (in the cabinets not directly touching the ovens. This would be built so that the oven could vent and operate as normal, just not be heating up the air. Less energy needed to keep the oven at temp (I like my texas toast and that means an oven at 450-500F!) And heat the air in the kitchen less.

Also has anyone ever thought of hacking a mini split for geothermal?
I am thinking I should go with a 2-2.5 ton 2 stage geothermal and at least one mini split that can at as a dehumidifier running on very little power.
For the oven this is probably not a good idea. The reason being ovens are designed for their environment, and often do not cope well with additional heat. By adding insulation you will be losing heat rejection which is important for today's ovens. Quite a few of today's ovens can't even cope with their own self cleaning cycles. Also the majority of the heat loss occurs through the door, so you likely won't see a major energy savings. If you were to move the oven's electronics to a cooler environment and re-engineer the door then you may see some improvement, but at that point you are basically re-engineering the entire oven.

For the heat pumps, I think you are planning on oversizing your system. With good air sealing and well designed ductwork you should be able to get the system size down to below 2 tons.

You already know my thoughts on dehumidifiers, but I don't see a reason to go with an inverter controlled compressor here. Moisture loads out side of kitchens and baths just aren't variable enough to justify the expense.
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