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I Love my bathroom layout. It is the width of a standard tub/shower unit, installed at one end. The other end has a clothes washer and water heater. The door and window are opposite each other next to those. That provides a handy space to change, with hooks on the door and the washer ready to help as both laundry hamper and table. Fresh, sorted laundry is on shelves above the washer. The tub has a clothesline, adequate for a load on hangars, and the heat duct blows on them. The window wall has the toilet beside the tub, with the scale nearer the window. The door wall has a vanity with a gap beside the tub. That space has the waste basket, toilet roll and magazine rack. While seated, I can change the toilet roll using the waste basket and supplies from the vanity. I can also wash and dry my hands, with a towel over the shower curtain rod. The door swings in, and has a big mirror. When the medicine cabinet door is open, those two give an adjustable rear view. There's only enough floor for a couple of small bath mats, but it does the job without a hitch.
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