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Default Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

This looks like the perfect unit for my basement!
Buy Santa Fe Classic Basement & Whole House Dehumidifier (4029700) | Thermastor 4029700

Capacity @ AHAM: 110 Pints/Day
Capacity @ Saturation: 180 Pints/Day
Amp Draw: 6.4 Amps
CFM: 275 CFM
Operating Temp. Range: 56 - 95F

Wow! Listed at $1,671.00 Got it off craigslist for $100

It seems to be working Okay. In ideal conditions, it pumped a cup of water in about 35 minutes.
After I install some filters, I'll give it a good test run.. It does use about 6.4 Amps at 120vac..

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