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Not much has changed really, with the high electric bills most of my budget is just keeping those caught up. Hoping that once it cools down I can start investing in a little more insulation and sealing up the house. At least our gas is on level pay now so I won't be killed this winter when it gets cold again. Hoping to get electric on level pay as well.

Basically once that is done and I get my bonus I'm going to replace the sliding glass door and if there is enough left over buy some more insulation. Haven't been back into the attic but I'm pretty sure it's only at about R19 right now and would like to bump that up. Of course need to fix my truck and some other projects as well so may depend on that too. :/

Have been tracking daily usage though and have information back to April. My average usage is 38.9396 KWh per day and max was 78 (doing laundry, lots of laundry) and low was 5 (power went out at 3am and wasn't back on till 10am the next day.) Unfortunately I don't have a full year's daily readings yet but I'm hoping to start working on dropping it. Right now arguing with dawife over what our first project should be. I really want the sliding glass door which doesn't seat properly gone. She wants to put new floors down.

Wish me luck.

And for some financial numbers, based on my averages I spend about $988.68 per year on gas and $1480.80 per year on electric. I'd love to halve those. Summer gas can't drop much more but winter definitely and summer electric would be nice.

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