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Ok, for a good motor to turn into a generator (for this application), a couple of generic motor types come to mind:

simple, permanent magnet type:

1. Drive motor from an old treadmill
2. Heater blower or windshield wiper motor from car or truck
3. Power wheels or electric scooter drive motor

More efficient, more complicated, brushless DC motors:
1. Laser printer or copier drive motor
2. ebay "servo motor", VCR capstan motor
3. More complicated, but cheaper hacks(ceiling fan, dishwasher,direct-drive clothes washer, etc.)of AC motors
4. Any industrial 3-phase synchronous motor

The items towards the top of the list are pretty much plug-and-play devices. As you go further down the list, more and more support circuitry is needed, or you must modify the motor to make it a generator, or both. The payoff for complexity is smoother operation over a wider rpm range and/or higher efficiency.

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