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You can buy a wood pelletizer and make pellets for wood stoves and sell them, the machines cost a few thousand to buy and up to $50,000 but for a dump truck per month you don't need a huge mill, the $10,000 one I looked at gave specs of 300 to 550 pounds per hour, 10,000 pounds per month is only 20 hours of running, but the smaller one on Ebay that is just over $2,000 is saying it can do 300 pounds per out peek... so assuming that is under ideal conditions and less then ideal is half of peek 150 pounds an hour is still plenty fast.
They look to sell for 10 cents per pound... so it would take a few years to pay back your investment, but building anything to use this "free" fuel is going to come at a price as well, so you have to ask if it's a short term investment or a long term investment.
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