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Default Underground house

I have lived in an earth sheltered house for 30 years. Humidity has not been a problem I run a small dehumidifier in the spring until it gets warm enough to run ac unit. 1800 square feet using 2 1/2 ton unit should have went with 2 ton. The ac/ heat pump is a geothermal unit. Usually run ac unit about 4 weeks after above ground start theirs and heat about 6 weeks after above ground houses use theirs. House is extremely quiet very little outside noise. Live in okla so hail and tornadoes are a concern but not for me. Wouldn't consider living in any thing else.Using solar panels for hot water. Have our own well and septic system electric bills in winter run under $70.00 . Heat with wood stove which helps on electric bills. E bills in summer run 160.00 or less would be lower but have a big garden and lots of lawn.
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