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Originally Posted by Daniel888 View Post
First of all, thank you for sharing your experiment and such a brilliant review! I am currently in a search of a good led grow light, and I guess I want something lightweight, not pricey and easy to set-up. I tend to Apollo Horticulture which I found in this review ( very helpful btw ), all the characteristics suit me perfectly (I don't need very intense light and I don't want any heavy device). I couldn't do anything by myself like you did, I personally find it very difficult, I just decided to get a new led grow light with 2-3 years of official warranty in case something goes wrong. I also watched great deal of Youtube videos on this topic and most authors recommend new device, not used or handmade.
Yeah, those pot heads really know their technology and have really pushed the grow-light market technology development! I think it would depend on a few different circumstances if I was to agree with "not using homemade."
First, if the crops you are growing are for the upcoming garden season and you cannot weather a seed sprout failure, yes I would agree.
If you are just playing around and can handle failures, I would disagree.
If you want to learn something new or test your skills, I would disagree.

Anyways, LED COB technology has continued to develop even after my initial project. Any new LED grow light projects I will use these:
They hook directly up to 110v AC, so you can literally plug them strait into the wall (obviously after you mount them to a heatsink).
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