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Here are a couple of top down views. The first one is plants from under the growlight. The second are sun grown plants. Note, they were started at different times, so a comparison between growlight vs. sun light is not a good one.

For the soils, from left to right:
#1 - Jiffy All Natural w/ seeds soaked for 1 hour
#2 - American Country Top Soil (original)
#3 - Jiffy All Natural
#4 - MG Nature's Care
#5 - MG Seed Starting Mix

Growlight Plants:

Sun Grown:

1) Jiffy All Natural is the best seed starting mix out of the 4 that I tried, followed by MG Seed Starting Mix.
2) In both experiments, I soaked one entire set of seeds(column #1 for both) for 1 hour and saw little to no difference in the final results. Longer seed soaking may be a future experiment.
3) A 50W (actual) LED COB grow light, running 19 hours a day, is just barely enough power to get a small set of seedlings started.
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