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I started my grow lamp experiment on June 20th. This time I used Roma, Rio Grande, Brandywine, and Kale seeds (all I had left).

So, I go out of town Tuesday morning, leaving the wife back to take care of everything and come home, Friday night (June 30), to this:

I believe this is pretty conclusive that the grow light does in fact work, but my seed starting soil I used this past winter is total and utter garbage (column 2 in the picture). One thing I will say is my grow light does seem under powered. I believe I should be able to mount 4 more 10W (9W actual) LED COBs on it to bring up the total output to around 100W (90W actual).

Also, this picture also shows that the Jiffy All Natural Seed Starting Mix (rows 1 and 3) is the best seed starting mix out of all of them. I forgot to get a picture of the plants outside in the sun, which indicates the same thing, but I will do that tomorrow morning.

I can't wait to get these plants in the garden as soon as they grow a little bit more and harden off!

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