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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
We on the cusp of having LED bulbs for everything, or we have passed over the Cusp and do have a LED for everything or almost.. all though like Servicetech mentioned on a similar thread that they can be expensive right now.

Speaking of which $ Harley has LED headlights for their bikes , you do pay for it.

Daymaker LED Headlamp Price: $729.95
I have a pair of relatively narrow-beam 27W LED worklamps on my bike, which come on with high beam. The absolutely turn night into day and cost about a tenth for the pair as H-D want for one. Mind you, they're no good for low beam as there's too much beam spread/scatter and would cause dazzle.
I think the big thing (apart from the price) about the H-D product is, that it looks neat, is powerful enough on its own and fits conventional mores of bike lighting.
Me? I don't care what it looks like - on the front on my fairing are mounted two 4"x4" square black lamps and the normal headlamp - and it works, which is what really matters.
In terms of light output, I have 2160lm x2 (the LEDs) + 1100lm (the high beam) hitting the road, so that's 5420 lumens and the bike alternator isn't stressed, at all.
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