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Even after a few weeks, I lost three more. The vacuum was still present in the tubes since the getter ring was present, but after they broke, the getter ring blew. So far this week, non have broke. They only pop out at the bottom. I noticed the last three started with a very faint crack then in a day or two, the break the rest of the way.

The clamp at the bottom of the tubes are a rubber like material and are not adjustable like a radiator style clamp.

The tubes were made in late 2013 according to the stamp on the fins inside the tubes, so yes, they are a few years old and I got them from a business that went bankrupt.

Did Kingspan Solar buy them out? They are the ones that I was talking to about 6 months ago to order some elbows. Now the US phone number has a recording to refer to the parent company.
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