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A 72 inch ceiling fan is HUGE. In order to get anything close to the rated flow, it will need to be mounted 3 or 4 feet below the ceiling. A normal 8 foot ceiling should have a fan no larger than about 52 inches.

I built a new house in 2011, and had a Hunter Sonic P/N 21591 ceiling fan installed. It was available only with remote control. I did not want a remote control, I wanted a switch on the wall. So I threw away the remote, ripped out the electronics, and had it wired directly to a wall light switch and fan speed control.

The fan has been working well. The bulb failed a few times. The only bulb I was able to find in the GU-24 base that was short enough to fit was a Satco brand. The Satco bulbs make good light and have good color rendition, but the quality is junk. If you can find a different brand with the right base, overall length, wattage, and color, buy it.
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