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Mine will use 77 watts on high and heats a full size bed.

If I have it on high all night, I'll wake up covered in sweat and then need to wash the sheets.

I found the best way of doing this is to stack two comforter blankets on top of eachother and then I'll use somewhere between off and 20% power at 55 degrees, 20-40% power at 50 degrees, and 40-60% power at 40 degrees. The mattress pad controller just cycles the power on and off over a 2 second period, for example at 20%, it will be on for .4 seconds and stay off for the rest of the 2 seconds, and repeat.

So basically it can be 40 degrees inside the house and I've had plenty of warm and cozy nights using 31 watts. So basically if I sleep 10 hours, I used .31kwh. I won't miss the 4 cents. If I sleep for 8 hours, it is 3 cents.

The additional cost to keep the house consistently at 70 is 17.51 times that much cost.

Basically heating the house the additional 30 degrees takes about 6600BTUhr. Heating the bed with me in it to a cozy temperature takes about 105BTUhr.

When its all said and done, people who sleep with space heaters in their rooms are doing something stupid. I'm getting ready to kick out the person I'm sharing my house with because they just showed up with a space heater last week along with a pile of misinformation about how it would save money. There's more to it than that and I'm quite livid about it.

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