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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
In the event that it is too cool, I am also looking for input on heated mattress pads. I know a few people here have mentioned using them. How do you recommend using them? Do you have any suggestions on brand or any features to look for?

We use a heated mattress pad. Single best thing I've ever bought. I've since bought one for my elderly mother. She claims it's one of her two favourite things of all time.

Both my wife and I prefer to sleep in a cool - ok, cold, - room but a freezing cold bed is no good. Heated mattress pad to the rescue. We turn ours on high (it has separate controls for each side) a couple of hours before turning in. When we go to bed we turn it off completely and climb into a toasty bed ;-)

Simply can't say enough good things about the mattress pad.

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