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We are still very happy with their performance. It hasn't been crazy hot this year,
but combined with the humidity it's been AC weather. See the last 28 day plots pics.

It's only 32 square feet of windows, but if
"the Solar Constant can be stated as 442 British thermal Units (Btu) per square foot per hour"
that's a theoretical worse case of 14,144 BTHh coming into the den..
Which is okay during the winter months. But during the summer,
our solar screens are stopping about 85% of that energy from ever getting to the outside pane of glass.
These screens are one of the best eco-investment we've made.. And, they still look like brand new.

The only problem we've had is when we put them up too early. Because when it gets cool
on some spring days, we would like that solar gain!
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