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That's pretty good. 2-3C isn't a lot, but it can make a big difference when the room would normally be at 22-23 C.

Since my Solar Screens are black, with a tight mesh,

They must absorb 80% of incoming solar radiation. Then re-radiate the energy as IR heat.
My guess is, the IR radiation can't penetrate the double pane windows very well.
The Andersen windows must be reflecting some of the IR right back into the Solar Screen. (Making it even hotter).

Now that there is an extra layer of insulation inside the windows,
It's hard to feel much solar energy inside the room..

Our problem now, is the old 42" Plasma TV.. It's providing heating that
adds to the filtered solar gain!
There is a clock/thermometer on that west wall, right above the TV..
It's warmed by the sun on the west side and the TV on east side! (1 meter under it).
Sitting on the sofa watching TV in the evening, I can see it's 27 C across the room.
But, where I'm sitting, it feels like 22-23 C.. Which is nice!

Once the summer gets really into full swing, The Sanyo #2 will make short work of any extra heat in the room.

This will be our first full summer with Sanyo #2 installed.
With the Solar Screens and the inside thermal blocks (plastic sheet barriers & insulated curtains),
I expect to see very effective ASHP cooling, using very little power..
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