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I put up bug screens on some of the windows for the summer. They are a grey color (so they reflect more than black) and thought I'd check how much sun they block. I used a window on the southwest side with more than enough solar exposure. This is a double window and the screen is on one side, so this allows a relatively fair test. The windows also have light colored roller blinds (see this post), so I checked their effect too.
I measured the temperature of the window sill and the blinds' surface (when down). The indoor temperature was around 21C (70F), outdoor 27C (81F).
temperature C (F)screenno screen
window sill with blinds up24.5 (76.1)26.5 (79.7)
window sill with blinds down22.0 (71.6)21.9 (71.4)
roller blind surface27.8 (82)31.3 (88.3)

So, in direct sunlight the bug screens reduce the amount of heat entering the room by about 2-3C.
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