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Default Electric wood chipper

I needed a wood chipper to do 2 things.
Reduce the piles of brush and get ready to make wood pellets.
The gas powered ones seem like they almost unlimited power and most of the decent ones chip branches up to 3 inches.
3 inch diameter sticks are fire wood. Not going to chip that.
The electric chippers claim to do up to 1.5 inches. Which is more along the lines of what I want.
So I go the Oregon electric chipper from harbor freight. It didn't have very many disastrous or disappointed reviews for something from harbor freight that plugs in. So I got one.
It comes with extra blades in a little package. Plus the blades are double sided so they can be removed, rotated 180 and reattached and you are ready to go.
To make it more economical I will probably connect my foot operated tig welder switch to it so it only runs when I'm standing in front of it.

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