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Sounds like you are pretty well insulated, but insulation is like money and love, you just cannot have too much of it.

Wrote that last night & was a little tired. To answer your primary secondary loop question, if you take your three loops and calculate the headloss, many boilers have a pump and if the pump is sufficient for your headloss, you do not need a second pump.
My boiler's pump is adequate to drive seven 250 ft loops of 1/2" pex so does not need a second. I bought a Rifeng manifold which came with flow control valves for balancing the loops, and just connected them up. Remember that you must have an expansion tank, and you must pump away from it.
IMO your heating system may cost less to just run it 24/7 than to use intermittent heat.
Your 13000 heat loss is full time, so if you only heat 1/2 time you need 26000+ from your boiler.
A thought is that you could use a hot water tank if it has sufficient btu's although my professional friends might shoot me for suggesting it.
Depending on the thickness of your slab, you you may run into problems of temperature over runs, when the sun warms the room and your floor is at full warm.
Lots to think over, there are many web pages to pore over.
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