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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
The foam beads mixed in the concrete are a recycling method for stryrofoam, which doesn't biodegrade, and help act as insulation against thermal transfer, as I understand it.
Yes, the foam beads would reduce the thermal transfer of the concrete.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
So the actual floor layout is concrete/hybrid slab, fluid lines laid on top, flooring options laid over that.

I figure 170* is more than enough to heat the floors and the rest of the house, right? (The temp that solar thermal setups can reach, even on not-so-great days.)
Well, there are a heap of a lot of variables going on here...

So many variables that it is really difficult to keep them all in your head at once.

I would recommend getting some kind of computer simulation program and running it with different options to see how certain variations affect the outcome.

You might try this link and download some of the trial programs, might give you some ideas.

There was a really great program by a company called Slant Fin. The program was called Hydronic Explorer and you answered some questions about your house and it gave you your heat load, and you could play with the layout and get feedback on how it would affect everything.

Maybe they would make the program available to you. Worth a shot.



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