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Good information! I plan on using radiant floor heating with a solar/water setup that thermosiphons, and using valves and a bypass loop for excess heat energy, with ~1000 gallons of stored fluid in thermos-like insulated tanks under ground, for the times that there isn't sufficient sunlight for days on end.

For fluid, I plan on either using salt/water, if I can get enough plastic tubing, or using a methyl/water solution. The fluid should never freeze, since the lines and tanks will be buried under the ground, so that they should maintain an atmosphere of at least 50*.

I may have to go against the thermal siphon idea, though, because it may not work fast enough to actually keep the home warm.

The floor is most probably going to be insulated poured concrete (which may end up being mixed with styrofoam beads) with an overlay. Some rooms may have partial brick/stone floors as well, which add thermal mass and thermal dispersion potential. (Acting like a heat retainer that also helps disperse heat across a larger surface area.)
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