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Default Thoughtful Discussion Regarding Radiant Floor Heating...

I found a link to a page with a very thoughtful discussion regarding radiant floor heating. I found it particularly interesting when radiant floors are considered in the context of High Performance Buildings, and how radiant floors may never develope that 'warm feeling' in a High Performance House because so much of the radiating heat is retained by the house, that lower floor heat levels are called for.

I have been to some lectures regarding 'High Performance Buildings', and they don't use that term lightly. High Performance Buildings are very similar to the Passive House definition. To achieve those levels of performance, buildings needs to be High Performance by design. Stringent efforts to retrofit existing structures can result in achieving 35% to 50% of the Passive House standards.

So I think that 'warm feeling' would still be there.

Also, the discussion apparently assumes that no one would DIY a radiant floor. So their cost estimates are stratospheric by DIY standards.


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