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the 3/4 horse power for the drive system will work but with no controller you will be at the mercy of your terrain, so if you have any inclines on you property your motor will strain real bad and pull more amps then the motor is rated for and heat up real fast and fry.. where with a controller you can control the way your motor acts and the amp draw.. also you should have a motor the spins at a min. of 2500 rpm.. with 1750rpm you will be lucky if you hit 2 mph..for the deck you will need at least a 3hp motor.. the cutting cuts best at 3400 rpm but will get by with 2400 rpm with sharp blades..
i use a 1.5hp 24 volt motor on the deck of my MINI. the deck is 22" and it gets pretty warm after an hour of cutting.. i use a 500 watt motor for the drive system with a controller and it runs hot i run it 1 hour then give it a 10 minute cooling down period.. i put a blower on the drive motor. after the 10 minutes of cool i run it for another hour.. after that the batteries are reading 11.5 volts and i try not to go any lower then that..
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