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Here's a quick status of this little project.

got the motor, powered it up to make sure it spun the right way:

old blower before too much dissassembly

cover/gastank removed

belt cover removed, oops, thats NOT a toothed belt

somebody call the SPCA

had to dig up my puller to get the pully off

used one existing hole and poked another hole in tube to get basic position of motor, after much contemplating and holding it in different places.

pulleys line up pretty nice

Pulley attachment, will probably just hold it in place with the bolt and fudge it true and weld it on.

Original motor and electric side by side.

poked a couple holes in for the switch

Switch in place


1. dig out arc welder and weld pulley to shaft.

2. add cross supports/triangulation to motor installation

3. find a belt that reaches
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