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Originally Posted by Wanna Beco View Post
How's the Bolt holding up?
We got a special deal from GM on the 2017 we had leased. We now have a 2020 Premier with the longer range.
I know there's a lot of talk about the Tesla Model Y but it doesn't fit us. First with the deal we got on the new Bolt we couldn't pass it up, out the door for around $31,500 which gives us a very low lease cost and we may buy it at the end of the lease although the updated Bolt may be out by then.

We did have a small problem on the new Bolt, the forward projection low speed camera didn't work, GM changed it out and the car has been perfect since.

It's been cold right up till two days ago (mid May 2020) here in the mountains and with the virus we have been pretty much isolated from the world living on stocked food supplies.

We're going to take a small trip to the farm to get herbs for the summer but our garden food crop is in. Anyway the Bolt will start to get a work out. Even with the cold and only charging to 80 or 90% we're still seeing over 200 miles range and now that it's getting warmer it's up to 220 on the clock but I noticed I got home the other day and added my used miles to my remainder and it was over 230 miles range so I expect easily to go over 300 miles this summer if I charge to full.

The HD cameras are great and they did tweak the seats. We didn't have a problem with the old seats as we're not big people, even after 4 hours on the road.

One thing we really like is that with an EV charging at home we can avoid the public and gas stations. No service centers either for oil changes. If you live a very private life like we do EV's are a great option.

The 2017 ran flawlessly for three years, We did notice a small noise in the front end. There was apparently a recall on the sway bar but we switched it for the 2020 before our scheduled maintenance on the recall.

So no problems and for what we paid we're still very happy with the Bolt, some days I can't wait to drive it even after over three years. I hear that from a lot from people, the Bolt isn't pushed like Tesla and we like that too. Our dealer couldn't have been any nicer to us, really did everything they could to make us happy and this was before the virus broke last January.

The Premier lists for around $44k but you can get it for a lot less, it's still the least expensive long range EV, even after 3 years. I'm happy if people just drive EV's from any manufacturer so go out an drive one and find out for yourselves. If you charge from your own PV like us the cost is really low, our 2017 cost us under $75 to own and run for three years and that's with tire rotations and inspections. Hard to beat in my view, I'll do everything in my power to never drive a gas car again.
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