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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
Any progress on the heat pump idea? With the original configuration (water cooler), if you flowed a gallon plus per minute through the original (water cooler) chilling tank, I would bet money it wouldn't freeze solid before your hot water tank got satisfied. We don't know what you're trying to heat, but even with a swimming pool heat sink, and constant source water flow, plus cap tube metering, your water jacket would still lack enough cold to choke the source water flow. Prove me wrong.

No progress yet. I have been working on some other pressing projects. I just finished converting an unused closet in my basement into an insulated mini grow room for spring time garden plants and over wintering tropical plants. It turned out really well. I'm also experimenting with leaf/stem node propagation of potato plants. The theory is you can plant a whole acre of potatoes from 1 seed potatoes between growing seasons.

I have been using the 1,000 watt bucket heater keeping my grow beds warm and the geo/radiator is working well keeping my greenhouse temps above freezing. I did manage to cool my ground water down underneath my greenhouse after about a month of pulling heat out via the radiator/well setup. I was dumping water about 3 feet away from the well and it did lower the ground temps after a few weeks. Kinda cool to see the heat storage potential. I have since moved the water return about 30+ feet away and temps have increased from about 49F to 52F after a couple of weeks

I have a new idea that involves multiple small heat pumps that come on in stages depending on load demands, so I am holding off on this build till I know if the HX may be different to accommodate multiple heat pumps and may want to use this heat pump for more then just a test build

I hope to have updates soon.

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