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Intel GPUs have always been quite disappointing unless all you need is something that does office work and next to nothing else, not even high quality video scaling. Find out how much a 750Ti, 950, or 1050 GPU goes for since if you care about video quality, those GPUs will upscale/downscale at a quality level suitable for all but the most dedicated videophiles. (Note: the scaling comes into play when playing a video that is not the same resolution as the display window. For example, if you have a 1080p display and the only content you care about having great quality is in 1080p played fullscreen, then the lack of good scaling is not a problem.)

You can also consider waiting for Ryzen APUs, but I have no idea how AMD does on video quality nowadays. There's a reason Nvidia has been the gold standard (for high quality video) for years. It would be nice if some videophile could comment how well the latest AMD Vega GPUs upscale.

The Tegra X2 has been available for quite some time, but no reasonably priced board available yet. I think they're waiting for AMD to release some low power Ryzen APUs before starting to drop the prices.

The Tegra X1 is easy to find for fairly cheap, about equivalent to some far more expensive Core m CPUs. The real attraction is for HTPC, where good video scaling is crucial. For a general purpose PC, it would easily outperform Atom systems of similar price but probably wouldn't be very futureproof.
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