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Default Solar hot water space heating

The last window is installed and the copper tubing for the lower manifold is in and soldered. The plastic vapour barrier has been improved greatly from when I first built the shop. Its just a little thing but the receptical boxes never had been enclosed with plastic to prevent air infiltration so we'll do that now.

The circulation pump has arrived and we'll install that in the next day or so as well do a pressure test.
I will use the fiberglass insulation in and around the copper tubes. The exterior Thermax will be painted a flat black and installed on-top of the 2 x 6 studs doing double duty. More insulation for the envelop and the back of the collector risers.

I'm having some stainless sheet stock bent up for drip and corner flashing as well as retaining the Suntuff corrugated plastic collector covering. Its a little more expensive and tuff to drill and work with but you only do it once. and it always looks good.


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