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Default New home toilet problems

My girlfriend and I purchased a new construction home in May of 2008. My girlfriend noticed the other day that there were three or four little streams coming down into the bowl of the toilet very slowly, and sure enough we determined that it was leaking past the flapper. We picked up a flapper kit and fixed that problem that night. I'm not sure if the flapper was just messed up from the beginning, or if it started leaking on it's own in the last 6-7 months.

Another thing that I noticed when I was in there is that the tank was filling too full. There were three different marks for the level to fill the tank depending on which bowl number you have, but it was filling beyond the highest of these marks only a little below the top of the tube that is used to refill the bowl during tank refill. I don't know which bowl number I have but I adjusted the float so now the tank level is slightly below the lowest mark. It must be 3 inches lower now. That's a lot of water per flush!!

I will try to post a couple pictures of the water level marks I'm talking about sometime this week.

What I've learned from this is, just because it's new doesn't mean it's functioning or configured correctly; check!


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