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Pletby & SDMCF

I happen to flip over to wikipedia and found this:

In the absence of leaks, antifreeze chemicals such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol may retain their basic properties indefinitely. By contrast, corrosion inhibitors are gradually used up, and must be replenished from time to time. Larger systems (such as HVAC systems) are often monitored by specialist firms which take responsibility for adding corrosion inhibitors and regulating coolant composition.

My system is made from copper and stainless steel and the only thing that can corrode is the new pump I just installed so the antifreeze may last indefinitely. But some periodic maintenance is the plan. Don't forget this stuff isn't cheap so an unwarranted change is not desirable.

My home geothermal uses Denatured Alcohol for the ground loop as this will never approach the boil temps its application is ideal and it will last forever.

SDMCF I had the unfortunate event of an air bubble finding its way back to the circulation pump stopping any flow and my evaporator freezing solid and bursting. This happened to the DIY shop GSHP. It made for a really bad bad day. And it was really cold weather. If I had the glycol in the system it would have been a non event.

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