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I have no way of knowing. I can say that it's a lot more heat than we get from those two 900W space heaters @ 1.8 KWh = 6142 BTUh.

The measurements taken on the other side of the room, are 1-2 degrees higher, than with the space heaters.

This morning, I wanted a faster warm-up, I clicked up the remote by 2 deg C.
IIRC, the temp was 19C, I set it for 20C and it wasn't heating fast enough.
I checked the TED and it was using less than 500W..
So, one more degree, up to 21C. Within a few minutes, I checked the output and it was blasting out hot air like crazy.
Scan inside the vent was over 100F. When I checked the TED again, it was up around 1.7KW, just less than the space heater..
The room warmed up pretty fast.. The easy chair next to the Sanyo was too hot for comfort..
My guess, at 1.7KWh it was putting out 12,000 to 16,000 BTUh..
(It's rated up near 36,000 BTUh Heating, and it's in a 16x18' room).
Because when it's running at 700-800 watts, it's putting out way more than the space heaters..

It's about 5F now, and the Sanyo is using 800W (at the moment) keeping the room at 70-71F..

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