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Default The Great Rice Race...

Originally Posted by Clev View Post
Sorry, didn't realize you're cooking brown rice; we usually cook Basmati. If the above recipe actually works, it would be about 20 minutes total cook time (about 333Wh) plus 10 minutes of running just the turntable, light and fan. (I'll hook up the Kill-a-Watt and see how much juice it pulls running just those.)
Perhaps a moment of perspective is in order here...

The amounts of energy we're talking about here are very small. in fact we're probably talking about an advantage of one method over another, that in terms of money is worth less than a penny.

But in terms of a percentage of energy consumed, it is worth taking note of, because what we learn could apply to another instance where the power is significant.

As an actual exercise, where two people took action and did a physical experiment, it is really pretty valuable. It is good that you actually put a kill-a-watt on your microwave and actually know that it draws 1000 watts when it runs. My microwave is rated at 1500 watts, but when I measured it with the kill-a-watt, it measures 1376 watts. I trust my kill-a-watt.

I know that when I cook white rice in a pot on top of the stove, it takes 20 minutes, and when I cook brown rice on top of the stove, it takes at least 45 minutes, which is over 100% different, and not to be overlooked. So it's also good that you have actually cooked the brown rice to see that the recipe really works in your microwave, so that you know your measured power is actually valid.

So my cook time was about 71 minutes... the rice cooker shut off when I wasn't looking, so the time is approximate.

But what we're really after is power, and the actual power consumed during cooking was 260 watts, data captured by the kill-a-watt.

BTW, I measured the amount of water volumetrically, and verified it with a digital scale. The amount of rice was carefully measured by volume, Using the same cup I used for the water.



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