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There is a difference between vapor barrier and house wrap. House wrap like Travek isn't a moisture barrier. It's designed to keep air out, but not moisture. And in an attic you want a vapor barrier and punching holes in a true vapor barrier isn't a very good idea. You have to remember that wet not only occurs from condensation, but a greater potential for water problems in an attic is from a leaking roof.

Think of it like this house wrap is a wind breaker- it'll keep you warmer by reducing your resistance to the wind, but once it starts raining you're going to want to wear a rain jacket...cause you're gunna get soaked when wearing a wind breaker in the rain.

Properly installed insulation with a vapor barrier will keep moisture from building up in the insulation. There is no need to punch holes, in fact it'd be detrimental to the entire project.

The idea of insulation is to trap air not to release it. Don't worry too much about letting your house breath, it will and it's better that it does through the walls than through the roof, because at least if it's in your living space you're more likely to spot any problems before they get out hand, where as left in the attic you could have problems and it'd be years or major damage when you notice it.

Just because you're trying to save money as a DIY'r don't cheat yourself by doing things cheap and half-assed. It can and will bite you in the end, believe me I know.
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