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Default Foundation Undermining

I have the oldest house on my block, and a new neighbour has diverted a seasonal stream onto my lot. My foundation is just a few inches of concrete around the perimeter, on stony soil, and I'm getting water pouring into the crawl space when there is a cloudburst. I could add ditches and berms to the property in hopes of diverting the next major wash, but protecting just the house might be easier and safer.
I 'm thinking of adding a course of steel roofing material to the bottom of the siding. I'd put it on 2" (4cm) standoffs to keep the siding ventilated, and put a rain cap over the gap. I'd bend the bottom few inches to match the ground, and reinforce the edge against water pressure, and then add about 4" (10 cm) of heavy clay, tapered out, to reduce seepage through the gravel. Opinions?

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